Rural poverty can be solved with the right skills and knowledge.

Future Plans

We aspire to change lives of one lakh women by 2020.

Our future is driven by our vision that improving leadership skills and financial capability among rural women will help them change their behavior towards money and outlook towards life. We want to scale our operations to cover a larger geography as well as greater number of women, so these trained women can become natural influencers to drive behavioral change in their region, leading to attitudinal change.

We aim to reach 1,00,000 women in 10 districts by 2020. For this, we will need 10 buses (one bus per district) and 20 people (10 teams of one driver and one trainer combination) to reach our goal. Our goal for 2015-16 is to train 8,000 women with three buses and three teams. And we’re already on it.

While achieving scale is a priority, it is not our only goal. Our five-year plan includes deepening our engagement with the trained communities and creating a process-driven system of measuring impact. Community engagement and impact assessment are time- and resource- intensive activities. They are, however, critical to our success in transforming attitudes towards poverty.

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