We are young, energetic, passionate and hungry for positive change.


We are young, energetic, passionate and hungry for positive change.

Aparna Muralidhar


Buzz connects me to people from diverse backgrounds and gives me a great sense of perspective about India. I’m here to listen. And to walk with those who need a companion on their journey to achieving their dream.

Aparna has worked for 20 years in the corporate sector. She has been a volunteer in the development sector for over eight years in both urban and rural areas.

Uthara Narayanan

Chief Changemaker

“I want to see India flourish with Indians who are truly independent. Indians who think for themselves and who have the skills and confidence to come out of the despairing cycle of debt and poverty to fulfill their dreams.”

As a social entrepreneur, Uthara’s goal is to alleviate poverty through capability building for the poor. She an Acumen India Fellow 2015, GAP 2015 Change-maker and Unreasonable Institute India Lab Entrepreneur. She holds a Cost and Management Accountant (ICWAI) degree and a youth in development diploma.



I believe every individual has a potential and this potential must be unleashed through affirmative action. My vision is to create diverse, reflective, action-oriented experiences for people to unlock their potential and create a just, humane society.

Pramod is an alumnus of Deshpande Fellowship Program from Deshpande Foundation. He has over four years’ experience working in various developmental organizations overseeing youth skill and leadership building programs.



Every human being and community has the right to opportunities and choice, and as a social worker I feel happy to be the bridge that connects communities to opportunities and puts them on the path to reach their goals.

Nandini is a professional community social worker. She has four years experience working with the general community, Panchayathraj institutions and stakeholders such as the Department of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Women and Child Development.



In rural communities, we only hear the men’s voice. But the women too have dreams. No one asks them what their dreams are. I’m happy to be a part of Buzz because it encourages women to dream and shows them how to achieve their dreams. Society will only progress if women come forward.

Gangadhar has over five years driving experience and enjoys working with the community. He co-facilitates the program and wants to become a Buzz trainer.



I believe Buzz India’s work is very important. It’s teaching grassroots women simple financial practices that can change their lives. I wish the Buzz program reaches every single village and touches every single woman. I want to be a part of that journey.

Tippeswamy has over ten years driving experience. He co-facilitates the Buzz program. He wants to master spoken English.

Shweta Taneja


Shweta Taneja is a writer, author, scriptwriter and communication specialist with more than thirteen years of experience in digital and print communication. She’s published four books and more than two hundred articles and can be found lurking at @shwetawrites

Thejesh GN


Thejesh GN (ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್) “Thej”  is an Independent Technologist, developer, blogger, data enthusiast and traveler from Bangalore, India. He is the cofounder of DataMeet. Loves exploring data and programming.



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